Autonomous Game Blockchain Ecosystem

Introduction of GameBank

Therefore, based on our passion and understanding of games, we design and build GameBank by adopting blockchain technology and concept which is a public game chain designed specifically for the game industry, and is characterized by not only connecting the game developers, game players and other participants in the game ecology through the mode of blockchain, attracting relevant parties to jointly build a distributed game ecological network by providing open basic capabilities and protocols. More importantly, compared with other public game chains and cryptocurrency platforms, GameBank artfully designed a fully decentralized and fully autonomous economic incentive system that, if we take the core of GameBank blockchain technology as a skeleton, then the perfect economic system is the blood of the whole game ecosystem, and the incentive mechanism gives the whole system a soul. GameBank does not only focus on decentralization at the technology level, but also the decentralization and autonomy on ecosystem. We think this is the core value of blockchain.

GameBank Monetary System

  • GBC
        GBC is the basic accounting unit on the GameBankblockChain. GBC is a negotiable token that can be traded in the exchange ortransferred to others as payment mode. The participants of GameBank game ecology canissue their own tokens based on GameBank, the value of all other tokens arederived from the value of GBC, and the game application payment system releasedby participants of GameBank game ecology will be based on the GBC system.
  • GBP
         GBP means equity, and GameBank hopes that allparticipants of the game ecology will be the shareholders of GameBank. Theyhave the same vision with GameBank, make efforts and exercise their rights forthe healthy development of GameBank ecology. GameBank also hopes that thedevelopment of game ecology can be exercised by these visionary investors tocontrol the advancing direction, and therefore GameBank has developed GBPower(GBP) based on it. GBP can be converted into GBC in a one-to-onerelationship, and GBC can be converted into GBP in real time. This convertedGBP can't be transacted and circulated. But GBP can only be converted into GBCthrough a long way of unlocking.
  • GBD
         GBD is the abbreviation of GameBank blockchain USdollar. The purpose of GBD is to inject stability intothe world of cryptocurrency, allow individual users and companies of the GameBankecology to enjoy then stable economic system. The establishment mechanism of GBD is similar tothe transferable bond of the company. when the user has no confidence in thevalue of the company, GBD provides a stable mean of maintaining value. GameBank'ssystem promises that users can convert GBD into GBC according to a stableprice. GameBank allows exchangingGBD into GBC in the system, and GBD can be converted into GBC according to theprice released by the witness. In addition, and in order to reduce deceptivedata sources, the GBP holder will vote to elect a witness to release the pricesource.


The most valuable contribution recognized by GameBank is to provide high-quality game content, publish influential discussion, attract users from outside the ecosystem, and disseminate the game contents. We reserve a fixed proportion of GBC to reward participants, thus rewarding the contributions of all participants through the quantitative evaluation and reward mechanism of GameBank.
The game content submitted by CP will be given to the game player for experience, and the player can bring GBP + GBC + GBD income to CP party based on the behavior of purchase, consumption and evaluation of the game; the time consumed in the game by the player will also provide corresponding rewards to the quality games according to the amount of GBP held by the corresponding players; besides the normal consumption, the game player may also get GBP+GBC+GBD based on certain algorithms which assess the recognition (such as like, transfer number of players) of other players, mod making and tips upload through the duration of playing the game, active participation in the community and creation of contents.


GameBank is a public game chain based on blockchain technology designed to provide decentralized blockchain technology services for the game industry and build a complete economic systems, thus providing a healthy and stable game ecosystem for massive game users and enabling transactions and circulation of massive digital currencies on the chain.
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